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Curiouser and curiouser, just like Alice (in Wonderland).

While I didn’t follow a white rabbit down a hole, I definitely followed my curiosity to go live on the other side of the globe; growing up in France right next to Germany, I always yearned to discover other countries, cultures, and to learn new languages, new skills, and how to master new technologies. My thirst of discovery led me to live in London, UK, where I had the chance to improve my English, and in Seattle, US, for the last few years where I have been studying programming.

My professional path didn’t start in IT though. In fact, after a bachelor's degree in psychology, I worked with children with special needs for a few years. Even though it was an incredibly rewarding experience, I always felt like I could do more. This is why I decided to work on a new career path, one where I could make a great impact. While my first field of studies helped me to understand the human mind better, my current studies are teaching me how coding and computers work.

My transition from impacting small groups of individuals to opportunities which allow me to make a broad impact gave me the chance to not only live in a new country, but also to meet incredible people, and to learn so many new skills such as coding in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and Python. I am a quick learner and adapt easily, therefore I am curious and eager to add more coding languages under my belt.

Why web development?

I love the infinite possibilities coding offers. New technologies are not only impacting our daily lives, but they can considerably improve the lives of people with disabilities and their close ones. I truly enjoy creating new websites. Every single one is a unique project that has the possibility to change not only the life of the owner of the site, but also the life of the users.

The feeling I get when my lines of codes are producing a working site is amazing. Web development is incorporating my different passions such as problem solving, creating and constant learning. It is truly oddly satisfying to explore the web pages I created and to watch them change depending on the size of the device they are being explored on. Thanks to my organizational skills and being resourceful, managing projects from A to Z is something I welcome, as I thrive for positive and remarkable customer experience.

About style.

Web design matters. A great design will be remembered, helpful to users to navigate easily in the site and have a positive experience. The design of your site should be a reflection of your brand and your style. A smart design also makes the difference in terms of accessibility to the site's content.

Whether it is finding the right color scheme, the perfect font or building a great layout, I love to aim for the neatest and best user experience.