Curiouser & Curiouser


Growing up in France next to Germany, I always yearned to discover other

countries and cultures, learn new languages, skills, and master new

technologies. My thirst for discovery led me to live in London, UK,

where I had the chance to improve my English, and in Seattle, US, where I

have been studying programming for the last few years.

Why Web Development?

 I love the infinite possibilities coding offers. New technologies are not only impacting our daily lives, but they can considerably improve the lives of people with disabilities and their close ones. I truly enjoy creating new websites. Every single one is a unique project that has the possibility to change not only the life of the owner of the site but also the life of the users.

The feeling I get when my lines of code are producing a working site is amazing. Web development is incorporating my different passions such as problem-solving, creating, and constant learning. Thanks to my organizational skills and being resourceful, managing projects from A to Z is something I welcome, as I thrive on positive and remarkable customer experience.
Picture of a desk

About Style

Web design matters. A great design will be remembered, helpful to users to navigate easily on the site and have a positive experience. The design of your site should be a reflection of your brand and your style. A smart design also makes a difference in terms of accessibility to the site’s content.
Whether it is finding the right color scheme, the perfect font, or building a great layout, I love to aim for the neatest and best user experience.

Not someday, let's do it today!

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